Research Workshop 2009/01 - CAPES/COFECUB : OpenMoCap: An Open Source Software for Optical Motion Capture 

Presenter: David Lunardi Flam (UFMG)
Date: 04/08/2009


This work presents the actual development stage of an open source software for motion capture, based on computer image analysis techniques. The code is being written in C++, with OpenCV and QT libraries, aiming real time applications. Currently, we have almost completed the full pipeline for motion capture with markers and now working on the final step, which is direct 3d metric reconstruction. We are testing the architecture using Natural Point’s V100 cameras with infrared LEDs and retroreflective balls. Future steps include comparison of our system with commercial tracking tools and output moCap data in BVH format. Also, we are modeling a short film that will be animated using OpenMoCap.
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