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Multiresolution Decomposition and Visualization of 3D Scalar and Tensor Fields 

Presenter: Marcelo Bernardes Vieira (UFJF)
Date: 04/06/2009


The visualization of 3D tensor and scalar fields is a challenging task. Firstly, the volumetric data has inner details that should not be occluded by outter parts or object surfaces. The second problem is that tensors capture multivariate data that should be expressed accordingly. Naive approaches for showing them often result in useless image information. Multiresolution decomposition is a well known method for signal analysis and has been extensively used in computer graphics problems. In a recently opened research line, we investigate how multiresolution can be applied to assess and view multivariate data. With promising results, we present a method for viewing multiresolution edges in images and a method to investigate the multiresolution structure of general 3D tensor fields.

Reconhecimento de Ações Humanas a partir de Vídeos 

Apresentador: Ana Paula Brandão Lopes
Data: 07/11/2008

Uma experiência de ir de um artigo sobre PDI a um produto. 

Apresentador: Alisson Sol (Microsoft Research)
Data: 22/08/2008

Detecção de Molduras em Imagens Históricas 

Apresentador: Ana Paula Brandão Lopes
Data: 28/03/2008


In this work, we propose and evaluate a method for automatic frame extraction from a collection of historical photographs. These frames are very noisy and were demonstrated to significantly affect the results of content-based image indexing and retrieval in the photograph images. The method is based on parallelogram detection
that uses a Hough transform variation called Tiled Hough Transform in which the image is split into tiles to reduce computational complexity. This detector is then extended to combine detected parallelograms into a resulting frame. Two key contributions of this work are: (1) a new effective technique to solve the photographs frame problem, and (2) the use of a set of statistical and experimental design techniques either to fine-tune the proposed method and to demonstrate its effectiveness.
(accepted at the Webmedia2008)


Prefácio do V WORKSHOP em Tratamento de Imagens
28 de maio a 04 de junho de 2004


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